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Mobilizing our Membership to do the work of the Kingdom

Prayer is the cornerstone of faith. A dedicated prayer team forms the spiritual backbone of the church, upholding the congregation, leaders, and various ministries in constant prayer, seeking God's guidance, wisdom, and blessings. Intercessors stand in the gap, praying on behalf of others. They carry the burdens, needs, and concerns of the church community, lifting them up in fervent prayer and engaging in spiritual warfare, believing in the power of God to intervene and bring about transformation. Our Intercessors must complete rigorous education and training and receive appointment and licensing through Ignite University.


-Praise & Worship-

Being on the praise team isn't just about performing; it's about using your musical talents to lead others in worship, fostering the atmospheres and climates for the Holy Spirit to move strongly, and deepening your own spiritual connection with God. Your role becomes integral in creating a transformative worship experience for everyone involved.

-AVP & Media-

The Audio/Visual Production team ensures that the church's services and events are not only seen and heard but experienced. They create an atmosphere conducive to worship by managing sound, lighting, visuals, and other technical aspects, enhancing the overall experience. Our Media team is where Creatives and Visionaries thrive. The Social Media team extends the church's reach beyond physical walls. They use social platforms to share messages, events, and inspirational content, reaching a wider audience and engaging both members and potential newcomers.

-Youth Ministry-

At The Way Nation Church, we believe in nurturing the next generation and empowering young minds through our vibrant and impactful youth ministry. At The Way Nation, our youth ministry isn't just a program; it's a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing faith, building leaders, and fostering a generation that carries the torch of hope, compassion, and faith into the future. The Word of God tells us to "train up a child in the way [they] should go," and that's exactly what we do. The teenage and young adult years are formative. Our youth ministry provides a safe and engaging space for young individuals to explore, question, and strengthen their faith. Through relevant teachings and discussions, we help them develop a deep and personal relationship with God.


Outreach embodies the essence of Christianity by extending God's love beyond the church walls. By engaging in outreach, our church becomes a beacon of hope, a source of support, and a catalyst for positive change within our community. It goes beyond proclaiming faith to living it out in ways that tangibly impact and uplift the lives of others. Our outreach team embodies our 5M's of Ministering, Mending, Mentoring, Maturing, and Mobilizing our community. While anyone can join outreach outings, our Outreach Team is in charge of facilitating events and activities that impact our community and create opportunities for Evangelism.


As a hospitality leader, your role extends beyond opening doors or cooking food; you create an environment where everyone feels valued and included. You are the first face that will exude our first cultural bedrock: We are Warm, Welcoming, & Authentic. By greeting newcomers and regular attendees alike, you play a crucial part in fostering a sense of belonging within the church family.

-Join a Small Group-

  • Our Chayil Woman Ministry comes together as a safe place for the women of The Way Nation to share, grow, learn, and develop together. Led by Pastor Yvette Beasley and Prophet Cherena Pollard, Chayil Woman aims to grow and develop women to come into true womanhood and leadership as God designed, carrying out destiny and doing the work of the Kingdom as whole, healthy, and righteous women.

    Chayil Woman meets every 3rd Wednesday on Zoom at 7 PM CST

  • COMING SOON! The Iron Man Men's Ministry welcomes all of the men of The Way Nation to discover destiny, grow in manhood, and develop whole, healthy, and holy lifestyles to be educated, refined leaders with all the God-given authority intended for them. Our Men's Ministry is led by Executive Pastor Quinton Murphy and Apostle Corey Butler and provides a safe place for men to connect, be vulnerable, heal, and build relationships with each other and God.

  • Our teen ministry, led by Elder Darius Blanks and Minister CJ Handcox, helps adolescents explore their growth and destinies as they prepare to enter adulthood and navigate the world as believers in the midst of a culture counter to the Kingdom of God. We empower our teens to be leaders among their peers and remain grounded in their faith as they discover and grow their personal relationships with God. Marked Teens meet in person every other Thursday.

  • Our Children's Ministry, led by Prophet Cherena Pollard, provides foundational education for the Christian faith. We equip our children with foundational Biblical knowledge and introduction to the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. Our children are encouraged to ask questions, engage Bible Study, and let their creativity flourish as we guide them into the destiny that God has designed for them. Destiny Kidz has service every Sunday during regular church service. 

  • Executive Pastor Quinton Murphy leads our financial literacy and responsibility group that empowers our membership to take command of their finances. By understanding how to manage money wisely, individuals within the body of Christ can live more in line with biblical principles such as stewardship and charity, contribute positively to their communities, and be better equipped to fulfill their calling to serve and make a difference in the world.